Diploma-uitreiking IB

2 oktober 2015

In an informal graduation ceremony on Friday, September 25, 14 VWO students of Philips van Horne Scholengemeenschap were awarded the IB certificate for successfully passing the English A Language and Literature examination of the International Baccalaureate.

Although the exam is primarily aimed at native speakers of English, the 14 candidates all passed at Higher Level.

After attending bilingual school thru’ the first 3 years, a pre IB year in VWO4 and an intensive IB course at VWO 5 and 6 all candidates showed good to excellent results in both oral and written work.

IB teacher Ms Bruls commended the group for their hard work and dedication to the program. We congratulate: Tom van Nieuwenhoven Thijs Keur Lex Gijsen Jarno Brils Marcel Meeuwissen Evi Hendrikx Arthur Hendriks Caroline Bosshardt Celine Custers Leo Verkoelen Rens Tacken Alke Takken Stef Creemers Steven Dings

Philips van Horne

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